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17th International Conference
on 3D Web Technology
August 04-05, 2012
Los Angeles, CA - USA

Programming Contest

Web3D Conference

L.A. Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA, USA
August 04-05, 2012

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Web3D Consortium & Eurographics

email: web3d2012[at]web3d[dot]org

Web3D 2012 Programming Contest

Sponsored by EDF


2 Ipads to win!

Forewords :
We recognize that these are big challenges! Therefore we encourage contest competitors to submit partial solutions that address one or more of the capabilities described here. Please ask if you have any questions. We welcome all submissions.
Demonstrations by contestants for the judges, and awarding of prizes, will all occur during the poster session on Saturday 4 august 2012.

EDF is sponsoring a Web3D programming contest to develop a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Animated Graphics Editor (AGE) in Web3D. The goal is to develop a simple system that can show off the features of a Web3D-based system in the areas of scene editing and web-based dynamic data delivery.

The AGE will be web-based using only web technologies delivered via the Internet (the contestants are free to use any technologies, please see the contest rules below). It needs to provide a basic authoring environment that will load X3D/VRML and/or COLLADA formatted files and allow modification of the declared scene by moving, renaming, detaching, or merging of the objects in the scene. It is not necessary to provide a shape or texture editor. It is also necessary to associate or attach data flows with objects in the scene, for example dynamic tags. The contestants can chose whatever subject they want from industry, GIS, medical and art, they are totally free to chose their data (please see the contest rules and FAQ below).

As an example (and this is offered only as an example, not what needs to be achieved), the contestant could design a system that models the mixing of a liquid. The storage tanks are shown at the top with the mixing vessel in the bottom middle. The dynamic data is the storage tank capacity (%); pump status (on/off); rotor speed (rpm); mixing capacity, phase, and status; and output rotor speed (rpm). The liquid flow and tank capacity are animated. The display here in 2D could look like (we expect better in 3D):

The dynamic data is provided to the system via CSV, Excel, or online data editor. The online page needs to provide enough documentation in English that the judges can use the system without assistance from the developer.

The contest is to show off a developer’s ability to quickly conceive, design, and build a system that operates in a Web3D environment. The documentation should include a discussion of the system being modeled.

Contest Rules

  1. All submissions shall be at Web3D2012 Conference in Los Angeles on Saturday 4 August 2012 by 10:30AM PDT
  2. The developer must be an attendee at the Web3D Conference and be present at the conference
  3. The system shall be developed with a LGPL V2.1 or similar open source license that allows others to use the AGE in proprietary and/or commercial software
  4. The system shall run on a laptop, desktop, or other computer (perhaps including tablets) that provide at least 1280x800 screen resolution
  5. The software shall be entirely web-based and web-delivered. There shall be no stand-along software required for this application
  6. The AGE must run in a browser
  7. The developer must provide a means for uploading edited data
  8. The following information must be provided:
    • The full legal name of the developer
    • Contact information for the developer including phone # and email address
    • The URL of the primary web page must be available to the judges at all times during the judging
  9. A copy of the software license must be available to the judges. This can be provided online (as a link)
  10. The system shall be demonstrated live to the judges as part of one of the Web3D2012 sessions. All conference attendees are invited to observe the presentations.
  11. The demo shall use a computer designated by the developer, but the judges may ask to see it also run on a different computer
  12. The server resources shall be provided by the developer; however, the server shall be a different computer than the demo computer
  13. There will be at most two prizes awarded:
    • Best project special “Jury Prize”
    • Best project in an industrial context
  14. Developers may form a team, but it is up to the team to decide how to split the prize
  15. At their sole discretion, the judges may choose not to award a prize
  16. The judges shall be selected by EDF and are the sole arbitrators of this contest
  17. Prizes will be awarded at the Web3D2012 Conference
  18. FAQ:

    • Q: How will the data flow be presented and connected to the scene?
      A: The data will be presented in RESET/Ajax format and structure, or may be uploaded with CSV or Excel, or the developer may provide an online data-editor.
    • Q: Are there requirements for data refresh?
      A: The data can be refreshed either real-time or with a delay, developer’s choice.
    • Q: What are the system requirements for the demo result.
      A: The AGE must run on a computer designated by the developer, but can use any web technologies for the display and interaction, including (but not limited to) X3D/VRML, WebGL, SVG, Java, or Flash.
    • Q: Who provides the web resources needed for the demo?
      A: The developer is responsible for providing the server with all of the necessary files, including software and data. The Conference will provide the Internet connection.
    • Q: Are their compulsory or required data sets?
      A: No. That is part of the system design by the developer.